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Northern Saints Reading Mastermind Competition

This group of eager children took part on the Northern Saints Reading Mastermind competition. In preparation, they had to read three well known books and then answer questions on them. The group came 4th place.



Explore Learning

Explore Learning, based in Sainsbury’s on Wessington Way, came into school recently to work with Year 2 children. The staff and pupils worked on the mathematical theme of ‘Directions’. A selection of pupils were chosen as stars for working really hard and helping each other. Leyton Gibson, Jamie Rowntree and Mylie Humphrey stood out from the crowd!

Best New Starter

Abigayle Hunter Year 4 was awarded the ‘Best New Starter’ for her modern dancing at Sophie Doneathy School of Dance.



Sunderland School Swimming Gala

This group of children took part in a Sunderland School Swimming Gala last week. Altogether there were 40 teams from school around Sunderland. The boys got through to the final of the free style relay. Very well done to everyone! They were a credit to the school and behaved themselves impeccably!