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Monday, 29th June 2015

Derwent hill today! We are now really really really exhausted after our long evening walk! When we got here, we were sent up to our room. Me (Emily) and Kate were chosen to have a room just me and her! We couldn’t be more pleased! Later we entered the woods we found the tall trees and were shown little bugs that created bubbles out their bums!!!! Right now most of our friends are either playing outside or in their pjs. Soon we will be going to bed and waking up to our next amazing adventure at Derwent hill!
By Emily and Kate


This morning we were jittering as excitement. I (Aleena) at first didn’t want to come. Some people may think that the reason was because I didn’t want to be away from home, that however was not the case. After seeing my friends, including: Abi ( who is helping me write this blog) I thought I was missing out on quite a few different activities. I got a bit emotional seeing all of my friends leaving. After waving them off, Mrs Carroll took me to her room and asked me if i wanted some biscuits and a cup of tea. Miss Wight made a phone call and asked me if I would like to go. At first I was thinking, “Is she joking?” then she said she was being serious. I drove to my house and speedily packed everything I needed. The packing took me 7 minutes! We threw the suitcase in the car boot and drove to Washington services. My heart was beating very fast. Was this really happening?

We were all so pleased that Aleena could join us. Mr Charlton told us that we had forgotten something at school, then we saw Aleena in the car. When we saw her we thought she was just tagging along with Miss White. When she went round to the boot and pulled out her suit case we knew she was coming. Quickly she ran onto the bus and sat behind me. I asked her what she was doing and she told me the exciting news . I was so happy I wanted to hug her. We then went to Derwent Hill and it has been such a long day. Now we are all in our PJs and now we’re off to bed.

By Abi and Aleena

Tuesday, 30th June 2015

The first thing to say is that we’ve really enjoyed reading your comments! We have shared them with the group at the end of the day and everyone loved hearing from you. Keep them coming!
Mr Charlton


Today my group climbed up a mountain called Walla Crag. First we got dropped off at surprise view and the name is right, it is a surprise you could see all the way over the lake and could see lots of mountains including the fourth tallest in the lake district Skiddaw. When we started our walk we had to go through a herd of fields with sheep and cows. Me and my group were all trying to dodge the poo on the floor as it was everywhere. When we passed all of the fields we started our hike up Walla Crag. At the start it wasn’t very steep but as we made progress it got steeper and harder. The first stop was a quarter of the way up where we could have one snack out of our pack lunch. I don’t think any of us were tired at that point but when we moved further up some people were getting tired. The half way point of our walk was the top of the mountain. I thought the view from there was better than surprise view because we were higher up. At the top of Walla Crag we were allowed the rest of our lunch. After lunch we made our way down and also through more fields leading into the woods which was the way back to Keswick and to Derwent Hill. In the woods Richard the leader of our group showed us a flower that looked like a clover which we could eat, it was very bitter and the stalk was juicy. When we reached Keswick We all went to the sweet shop where everyone got a drink and some sweets. We walked all the way through Keswick and more fields to get back and by then we were all worn out.
By James and Mason


Today my group and I went gorge walking. Just before we went Ellis renamed the activity to goggle boxing. When we arrived we were told to stay in the water. We all liked that idea. As we got further into the walk the water level began to rise and the rocks were getting wetter. We reached a waterfall and were told to put our head under the water. The water was pushing against us and my head was nearing the ground. It was close.
By Matthew


Today my group endured on orientation and gorge walking. In orientation we were given maps and had to find certain objects to complete the challenge. After our morning’s entertainment, we went gorge walking! The water was up to our waists and our clothes were soaked, but it was still a whole load of fun! We were provided with wellington boots and waterproof clothing; but that didn’t stop the water from getting in! After our gorge walk we had dinner and went out for a night walk. We took a bus ride to the other side of the lake. On our way back we had a break on a jetty on Derwent water. It was satisfying and we enjoyed the peace and quiet. Our day was eventful but a whole load of fun.
By Oliver Norden

Today my group excitingly went on the low ropes course which is where you have to balance on ropes and wood without touching the floor (we had 3 lives ) me and Faye fell off the first time and failed unfortunately. Then we went on the swing (AKA the death swing ) Faye climbed up to the top of the ladders but her nerves started to kick in and then she went back down to the bottom, after a few more people went she decided to face her fears and bravely jumped off the platform and we were very proud of her ( I said if she jumped off I would buy her some sweets from the tuckshop I think that did the job).After a while the teachers decided to jump off , Mrs Fenwick screamed like a little girl. Then we went rock climbing about 40 minutes away from Derwent hill. We had an amazing day .
By Sophie Griffiths and Faye Hunter

Wednesday, 1st July 2015

First today we went orienteering after we had a great breakfast, me and my 2 friends Luke and Alex were on a team and achieved first place each time. However that wasn’t my favourite part as we went canoeing. We sailed to a small island on 4 separate rafts but half way there we stopped to play in the water. After our play we arrived to the island and swam about in the middle of 2 islands. After the instructor challenged us to swim to the furthest island and back as a team I was glad to see the teachers taking part as well. Later we rowed back to the shores and went back.
By Ben.


Today was amazing! First we had a king’s breakfast. Soon after that we met up with Dave (our instructor) at Barry the tree stump. He told us that today we would be canoeing on the morning and then on the afternoon we would be going gorge walking. The canoeing was extremely fun. At the end of sailing the canoes, we were able to swim in the lake! We then headed back for lunch and afterwards we went to the great, gruesome gorge walking. We got drenched! By the end of the day we felt like there were rocks hanging off of our eyelids.
By Thomas and Scott.

Today we went rock-climbing and went on the famous death swing. Three or four of us were confident about going on the death swing but others were very nervous. Rock-climbing was amazing you got strapped in and climbed up a side of a cliff six or seven feet tall. The death swing was spectacular! When you first stepped off it took your breath away because you were going so fast. Once you had stepped off it was amazing, you swung really high and I felt really good about myself doing it. Overall today was brilliant and everyone enjoyed it.
By Lewis and Adam.
Today we climbed Cat Bells Mountain. It took us around one hour and 45 minutes to climb up the mountain. Some of us were tired, therefore trailing at the back but most of us were raring to go and couldn’t wait to get to the top. Everyone felt as though we had achieved the impossible as we enjoyed the breathtaking view. Although it was a very challenging climb upwards it was a slow and steady climb down. When we were eventually at the bottom there was a short walk towards Derwent Water so we could catch the ferry. During the 10 minute wait for the boat to cross the river, people were skimming stones. We hopped aboard the ferry and crossed the water. We got off the ship at Keswick and collected a tasty ice cream. Then we walked back to Derwent Hill. To sum up the day it was a challenging but fun day.
By Ashton and Caitlin.

Thursday, 2nd July 2015

Today we all had a busy day canoeing and paddling along the Derwent Water and the funniest part of the day was when Caitlin jumped out of the boat and couldn’t get back in. Her welly boot came off because of the water filling it. So we paddled about for a bit to find it. After about 10 minutes , our instructor found it. Hurray!
Later on, we did orienteering. Some of us finished quicker than others, whereas some of us finished later. Also everyone had to go into the forest to find some tools that were on the map.
By Ellie, Rebecca and Daisy.


Its our last night at derwent hill :-[ we had loads of fun rock climbing, canoeing and gorge walking I would stay at derwent hill for another week!!! It was very hot here at derwent hill but when we went gorge walking we came out the gorge FREEZING! Its been the best ever week.
Tonight we are having a disco at 7.30pm in the common room with loads of crisp, mashmallo, chocolate, and sweets.
By Harvey.


Today has been fun we went up a hill and saw the best view you could ever see. We could see derwent hill from the top and the village it was fantastic. On the way down we saw a farm full of pigs, sheep, cows and many more. Yesterday we went to the middle of no where and went up rocks and jack got stuck! Simon our boss helped him down. It was fantastic. Then some one started to get upset in the boat when we were in the lake at the end I done a back flip off. It was fun at derwent hill.
By, Leon

Today, we first did canoeing in the beautiful derwent water after having a delicious breakfast at 8 am. When we got into the canoes we had to paddle to get to the island and that was our challenge. The funniest part of the day was when people were aloud to jump off their canoes and Caitlin jumped in , but she struggled to get back in and then her welly feel off her foot. After that, we had to look for the welly. After about fifteen minutes of searching the instructor found it and then gave it back to Caitlin. Then we paddled back to the end of the water and lifted the canoes out of the water. Next we had to walk back to Derwent hill from Derwent water it took us about five minutes. For some people it was there first time going canoeing in the sea and they were finding it easy , but some people found it difficult.

For our last activity of the day we tried orienteering and it was really good fun. We had to find some pictures outside the building of Derwent hill and tick them off when we found them. After you finished you had to give the sheet back to the instructor. Because some people were good at orienteering so they finished faster than others .
By Sam


Today was our last full day at Derwent Hill. We’d waited all week to go on the death swing but it was worth waiting for. Everyone (with the exception of a few people) went on it. This afternoon we went canoeing. A boy from another school (Anthony) fell out of the canoe. Everyone laughed because it was so funny. We also had a water-fight in between three small islands. Everyone was soaking (even some of the teachers.) It was a great day and we would do it again. We’ll miss being at Derwent Hill – shame we’re back at school next week.
By Ellie and Millie.