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Google Classroom

The best way to use Google Classroom and Google Meet on an iPad or Android device (Including iPhones and Samsung Galaxy) is by downloading the following apps. Google Classroom, Google Meet, Google Docs, Google Slides and Google Sheets. All these apps are available in the App Store on iOS devices and the Play Store on Android devices.


You will need to make sure you sign in with the account details provided by the school, as personal accounts wont be able to access the classes setup for your child/ren. If you sign in with a personal account it will ask you to enter a class code which is an indicator that you are signed in with the wrong account. 


Hopefully this information will help with your use of Google Classroom.

For PC/Laptop users Internet Explorer will no longer work with Google Classroom or Google Meet as it no longer secure. This browser reached its end of life in November 2020. The best browsers to use with Google Classroom and Google Meet are the newest versions of Google Chrome, Safari, Edge and Mozilla Firefox.

Google Classroom PC/MAC Help Video

This help video was made using Windows 10 and the Google Chrome Browser. Other browsers were tested and the instructions in this video work in all browsers.