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Mayan Sculpture

Mayan Sculpture


This half term, Year 6 have been designing and making Mayan mask sculptures. First of all we researched the importance of masks within the Mayan civilisation then came up with 4 of our own designs.


When we decided on our favourite and final design, we then began to experiment with clay; we used different tools to create different effects. Rolling, pulling, pinching, scratching and building up shapes were some of the techniques we used to achieve our Mayan sculptures.

We left them to dry, and then added paint and a layer of PVA glue to finish them off.


You can see on the pictures some of our completed designs. We loved working with the clay but found it tricky to get different parts of our masks to stick together. We also had to be careful not to touch the clay too much as it dried it out and made it brittle, meaning we had some cracks and breakages.


We hope you agree though that some of them are very authentic!