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Out Of Sight

We were delighted to hand over a cheque for £352 to the Tyneside charity ‘Out of Sight’. The money was accrued through the Small Change Tuesday collection, an Easter raffle and book marks which were made a sold by Erin and Emmy. This charity supports visually impaired children and their families. Following a huge fund raising campaign earlier this year, the charity were proud to unveil a stunning caravan in the Northumbrian seaside town of Amble. The caravan, which has been specially adapted with facilities for wheelchair bound children, is used to provide holidays for children and their families. These children have many complex needs in addition to loss of sight, such as, tube feeding, cerebral palsy and other life limiting conditions. In addition, a sand buggy costing in excess of £5000 was purchased so that children can access the nearby beach. The caravan has been aptly named ‘Chloe’s Den’ after a young girl, who accessed the support laid on by Out of Sight, sadly died as a result of her complex needs. Her Mum, Denise, continues to support the charity and we were lucky enough to meet her and a number of other people who work tirelessly to make this charity work. Following our visit to the caravan, we were treated to a talk at the nearby lobster hatchery. We were stunned by the size of the lobster larvae and we learned that only one in two hundred will become a full grown lobster. The day ended in perfect style with an ice cream from the award winning Spurelli’s parlour. It was a pleasure to take a group of children, consisting of Rota Kids and School Council, to present the cheque to Out of Sight and the only regret is that every child in Redby could not visit to see the fantastic work that this charity does.