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Soil - 20.10.21

Wednesday 20th October 2021

What does soil consist of?


Use scientific language, Observe systematically and Set up practical enquiries and fair tests


Today we investigated the contents of soil. We looked at an informative video which demonstrated the different layers within certain types of soil, and how to distinguish between different types of soil. 


Then we carried out our investigation.



"I think the soil will come loose and some bits will float in the water" - Joseph 

"I predict that we'll see all of the different particles" - Isaak

"I think the water will mix with the soil and it'll all be soil like the organic layer - probably like the muddy soil that we have outside school" - Evie 


We used soil in a bottle, mixed with water and shook it up. 

We observed the mixture in the bottle as it settled and looked closely at the different layers that emerged. 



"Soil consists of sand, silt and water. There is a layer on the top called the organic layer" - Olly


"The clear water is the middle. It was dirty but settled after a while. It is sand and silt in the bottom and then a dark layer that floats on the top" - Beau