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Stone Age

October 2021

During this half term we have been learning about the Stone Age in History. This inspired us to look into Stone Age art. 

We started our topic by researching what Stone Age art looked like and recording this in our Sketch books. the following lesson, we explored different medias in our sketch book. We used inspiration from images of Stone Age Art and cave paintings and copied these using charcoal, soft pastels, oil pastels and watercolour paints. 

We evaluated which was the most authentic.


The following week, we explored different textures by taking our learning outdoors. We used natural textures in our playground to gain an insight into what it would have been like to draw on different surfaces. We then created a textured 'canvas' by applying PVA glue and sand to a piece of card and letting it set. 


To tie all of our work together, we used soft pastels and charcoal to create our final piece, which was drawing our own cave paintings on our own 'cave wall'.

What do you think?  


The children have loved this topic and they have been very positive about their creations.